Twitter Buy Button is Here


For the past two years Twitter has been testing their buy button. The catch is you can only use it as of now if you are a Demandware, Shopify or Bigcommerce customer. With this new button a Twitter user can make a purchase in as few as two taps.

The first tap will be for the buy button and the second will be to officially confirm the item you are attempting to purchase. Shopping has never been so easy, especially on a social media platform. Everything will be set up the first time a user tries to use this button, because that is when they will be prompted to input their address and billing information.

Many people are already using Twitter for business purposes. This is another way to use that same medium to further extend how they can manage their business ventures. As far as other platforms, YouTube are allowing advertisers to place buy buttons in other people’s videos, but Twitter is the first to make it widely available to merchants. For now, you can count out Facebook for jumping on this bandwagon. They are not placing it as a high priority at this time.