Last Minute Mother's Day Tips

Alright team, Mother’s Day is coming up and you probably haven’t even done your shopping yet. If you have, then we are so proud! But if you’ve been procrastinating then take a second and read our last minute shopping guide including our top picks from our clients.

First stop is Lucy’s Market. We’re picking up our moms some beautiful floral arrangements and wine. If flowers are too cliche, try picking up some planters for the herb garden or something else a little more hands on!

Next stop is Erika Reade Ltd., just right down the street in Buckhead. Erika Reade has beautiful jewelry, sweet cards and adorable pajamas sets that are perfect for Mom.

If your Mom is a fashionista and loves to be a trendsetter, check out Karoo for a new pair of sunglasses or Headbands of Hope for a fun hair accessory (and for a good cause).

If this year you want to go all out and get her a gift that will last a lifetime, definitely head over to Laura Pearce Ltd. We can’t get over the beautiful jewelry at this place! They’ll even customize a piece of jewelry if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Bonus Tip: Archer Paper makes awesome cards for every occasion. This is our go-to Ponce City Market stop when we’re writing notes to clients, friends or family!

Moral of the story, it is not too late to ‘wow’ Mom this Mother’s Day. She won’t even know what hit her! While you’re at it, make her breakfast in bed to make her feel like a true queen.

Written By: Carolyn Whalen