5 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit from Twitter’s 280 Characters Expansion

twitter 280 character

Last week Twitter granted every user 140 more characters to work with after it tested the feature with a handful of accounts. Though people have mixed feelings about the extra space, your brand can benefit definitely from it. Here's a few ways how.

1. More Information

The most obvious reason you’ll love having double the characters is now you can provide more context to your tweets or expand your storytelling when necessary. Keep in mind, just because you have more characters doesn’t mean you HAVE to use them all. Conciseness is still king, but we get it — using ampersands and abbreviations can come off as less professional when you're running out of characters. 

2. Increased Engagement

According to Twitter, data show that accounts with more characters received increased engagement (likes, mentions and retweets) and gained more followers. People with 280 characters also spent more time on Twitter. With this in mind, more characters could mean brand growth and improved community relationships.

3. Better Replies

We all know how important quality customer service responses on social are. With more characters, you can up your customer service game with more personal, thorough replies. Now you’ll be able to eliminate or reduce the number of threads to send an appropriate reply.

4. More Creative Freedom

The point of Twitter’s 140 characters was to create a space where information was immediate and communicated quickly and creatively. Now that brands have more room to express themselves, they can showcase brand personality in new and creative ways, whether through lists or emoji art like the Yankees and the Cookie Monster did.

yankees 280 tweet
Cookie Monster tweet

5. Saving Time

Now that you have a little extra wiggle room for your social copy, you won’t have to waste time meticulously editing your tweet because you went one measly character over the limit. Nine percent of the time, users hit the 140 character limit, according to Twitter, but after the extension, users hit the limit only 1 percent of the time, making it easier to send tweets quickly and more efficiently, and we all know how precious time is!

Story by: Kris Martins