5 Ways to Have the Best "Takeover" Ever

Instagram and Snapchat takeovers are super popular right now. It gives followers a unique insight into someone in the company, which is great if someone (like a future employee or intern!) is trying to get the feel of the office before committing. If the brand is larger, like a University or a sports franchise, it gives fans an inside look at the "behind the scenes" processes.

There are a few simple guidelines to follow if you want to host the best takeover ever.

  1. Introduce yourself! Who are you? Why are you important? What gives you the grounds to represent the company or brand for a day on social media? This is especially important on Snapchat, where you can't tag users like you can on Instagram. However, Instagram is a little trickier when it comes to introductions because it's not as common to speak directly into the camera as it is on Snapchat. Even if you don't record yourself, use the creative text options to let viewers know who you are.
  2. Let your friends and family know. I can't be the only one whose parents tune into everything I do, right? If I tell them I'm taking over a story on Snapchat or Instagram, they're almost guaranteed to follow along! Same with my friends - which already is a base of "followers" that I'm comfortable with! Knowing that people you love are watching the takeover makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Mix it up. Use a variety of videos, pictures, and boomerangs to add another level of interest. Too many pictures and someone might just quickly flip through to get to the end of the story. Too many videos and the viewer will most likely get bored - unless the videos are of something life-changingly cool.
  4. Open up the discussion.  Q&A sessions are some of my favorite ways to engage viewers during a takeover. The people who ask questions are already super engaged, which is the entire point of doing the story! Plus it allows for a "face-to-face" conversation, which adds to the authenticity of the takeover.
  5. Don't over think it. At the end of the day, a takeover story isn't that important to a brand. It's only up for 24 hours before people generally move on from it - so don't worry if you feel awkward or uncomfortable taking selfies and recording videos. I promise you're reading much more into it than anybody watching! Just have fun and enjoy the moment.

Imagine Media hosts Instagram takeovers every Thursday! We love doing them, and hope you do too! Let us know who you want to see next on Twitter! 

Story by: Tori Moore