5 Tips to Leverage Pinterest for your Business

Pinterest is a great tool to search and organize ideas and products for almost any personal or business-related activity. Businesses are increasingly joining the Pinterest platform to gain exposure and drive traffic back to their website. Here are five ways to make the most of your business page on Pinterest.

 1. Add a Pin It button on your site

This is a great way to drive more traffic from pinterest to your blog (or other site), and vice versa. The Pin It button incentivizes your viewers to add your content to their Pinterest boards, and their followers will then be exposed to your images and website as well.

 2.  Create boards that reflect your business

It’s so easy to get caught in the fun, diverse, and entertaining nature of Pinterest, but it is important that your business presence on Pinterest stays relevant to your brand persona and your boards accurately reflect your business. Find a balance between what your followers want to see and what you want your followers to see. For example, if your business sells children’s apparel or accessories, pin not only your products, but also articles relating to children’s safety, kid-friendly recipes to try, and DIY birthday party ideas. This will keep your target audience entertained while your products stay fresh in their minds.

3. Use “rich” pins

 A rich pin is a pin that has a wealth of relevant information attached to it so that Pinterest users can understand the exact details surrounding your pin. Add information like price, location, ingredients, and then add important metatags to your site.

 4. Invite others to post to your boards

 Creating a group board allows other users or businesses to collaborate to make the perfect Pinterest board to suite the common interests and objectives of all the users. Some magazine companies use this tactic and collaborate with various brands and designers that are often featured in the magazine.

 5. Vary Board Positions based on Season

 Pinterest traffic varies based on the time of year, and it’s important to remember that when placing your boards! Holiday seasons are particularly busy times for Pinterest traffic. Highlight popular seasonal activities and products such as Christmas recipes, Halloween decor, or tips for Spring cleaning to stay relevant during important times of year.

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 Story by Clara Sims