5 Tips for Taking Vacation as a Business Manager

5 tips vacation business manager

The holiday season is in full swing! Unfortunately, as a business manager, unplugging and stepping away from the office often feels a lot easier said than done. Lucky for you, we have 5 tips on how to prepare for a fruitful holiday season, while also getting in the rest & relaxation you deserve. Read more below:

1. Hire Imagine Media Consulting — I know, I know — shameless plug. But seriously, it’s easy to fall behind on social media and your digital presence directly reflects on your online business. We work with you to help you build strong relationships with your target audience, by creating custom, engaging content, targeted digital media strategy, and stunning visuals. And the best part? Everything is strategically mapped out and scheduled ahead of time so you can have peace of mind during the holidays.

2. Schedule Your Content — While it requires a bit of work upfront, pre-scheduling your content will save you a lot of time and energy during the holidays. First, check-in with your team about upcoming promos, marketing campaigns, and other happenings (holidays, national holidays, etc.) Once you’ve reviewed the full schedule, figure out what promotions will need to go live while you’re away, how long they’ll need to run, and any additional content you want to include. We’d suggest planning more content than needed, just in case you run into any hiccups. 

5 tips vacation business manager

3. Onboard a Point Person — When you run a business, it’s sometimes hard to release control of your day to day tasks. That’s why it’s important to train a point person that you truly trust and believe in to take over while you’re away. Take a few days (or weeks; whatever you’re comfortable with!) to have them shadow your day-to-day tasks and get a good understanding of all that you do. By the time that you go on vacation, they’ll be a pro and you can rest easy.

4. Create an Emergency Plan — Let’s say your giant pre-Christmas 1-day ONLY holiday sale post never went live and has to be manually fixed. Or maybe your team accidentally gets locked out of your Instagram account. What do you do? Having an emergency plan is key. Figure out what qualifies as an emergency, how you want to be contacted — we personally use “URGENT” in our subject lines for anything that requires immediate attention — and review the plan with the full team. Fingers crossed, you won’t have to execute the emergency plan, but you’ll enjoy vacation that much more knowing that it’s in place.

5. Set Rules About Unplugging — We use our phones and computers to do everything — read articles, check our newsfeed, take photos, etc. Unfortunately, that makes it that much harder to actually unplug. For an enjoyable holiday, we suggest setting rules for yourself. Maybe you only check emails at 9:00A and 5P for 15 minutes or turn off all social media notifications — whatever it is, having some guidelines as you transition into your time off is a must.

Are you a business manager? How do you unplug during your vacation?

Story by: Isabelle Edwards