5 Tips for Planning Your 2017 Holiday Social Media Marketing Strategy

The time has come (we daresay) to start mapping out marketing strategies for the 2017 Holiday season. Because the time period preceding the Holidays is the biggest time of year for consumer spending, it’s crucial to carve out some time to plan your marketing strategy before it’s time to carve out those pumpkins.

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  1. First and foremost, create a content calendar to highlight important dates that are relevant to your business’ success and build out promotions backward from there to build up momentum. *Think* Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc. Staying organized in a clear and visual way is the first step in setting your strategy up for success.
  2. Choose your platforms.  Instead of trying to implement your strategy on every social media platform there is, figure out which ones the majority of your customers are on and choose those few to have a really strong presence during the holidays. Consumers today are smarter than ever, and they utilize social media as a research tool before making a purchase, especially during the busy holiday season. So, be where they are and show them what they want to see.
  3. Aim to stand out. One of the easiest ways to set yourself apart on social is by incorporating motion into your content as much as possible. If you don’t have the budget to create a branded video for your holiday campaign, try using animated GIF’s, Facebook live, or Instagram stories to stay in front of your audience and captivate their attention. Pair these timely visuals with witty and clever captions that are cohesive with your holiday campaign, and you’ll be sure to knock your competitors right out of Santa’s workshop.
  4. Connect. The end of the year is a great time for your followers to get to know your brand from the inside out. Recap all the “good” that’s happened throughout the year, tell the stories of the faces behind the business, share milestones, and develop an emotional connection with your audience while leveraging the Holiday theme to your advantage. Now is the time to tug on those nostalgic heartstrings or make someone uncontrollably belly-laugh!
  5. Be Present. One of the best ways to further develop your relationship with your followers on social media is to be active on those platforms with them. You’ve developed an amazing campaign for the holidays, so engage in conversations around it on social. So, when that Thanksgiving Giveaway is live or your biggest promotion in December is running, encourage dialogue by commenting back, liking, and responding to further develop your already established brand loyalty.


Story By: Kimberly Williams