5 Tips for Editing Videos

Whether your new to editing or consider yourself a pro, I think it's important to keep a few things in mind. I have listed my top 5 tips for editing videos to help make sure your video is the best of the best!

Top 5 Tips:

1. Organize all video and audio clips before putting on timeline. This will save you so much time in post because you will have all of your usable clips and audio in one folder without having to remember which clips are not good. This also makes it easier to export your video files from hard drive to another. 

2. Know your short keys. This tip too can help save time when editing. No matter what editing software you choose to use, there will alway be short keys to help editing flow a lot quicker and easier. Each software will inform you of your short keys. 

3. Understanding montage techniques. Want to make your videos look like a professional put them together? Well if you plan out your video strategically then this tip can help do so. One example of montage is cutting into the action. 

4. Add motion to still images. We all watch videos to see moving pieces. If you must include a photo in your video, I recommend adding a ken burn effect to it to create some sort of movement . This will look more appealing to your viewers but still allow you to add a still image to the video. 

5. Do not over use effects and transitions. While effects and transitions can be a lot of fun and look really "cool", please do not get carried away. Simple effects and transitions will make your video look a lot cleaner and not take anything away from your story. 

Top Editing Softwares By Experience:

iMovie or Windows Movie Maker

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Story By: Barbara