5 Strategies for Creating Effective E-Commerce Instagram Ads


Instagram is an incredibly powerful place for brands to advertise, especially for e-commerce. Don't miss out on the opportunities it provides by not running effective ads. These five tips will put you on the road to Instagram advertising success. 

1. Keep it simple, silly.

Instagram ads are relatively new and many users don’t quite know what to do with them yet. Make the call-to-action in ads clear and ensure the copy and creative match what users will see on the landing page for best results. Additionally, it’s important to optimize the mobile experience on your website to make it easy for all your new Instagram customers to make a purchase as soon as they click “Shop.” 

2. Put the most important information first.

On the same note, Instagram ads provide less space for copy than other social platforms. While there’s no hard cut-off, typically only the first 2 lines of text will show. It’s crucial that the most important information, including deals and promotions, appear early on.

3. Feature beautiful, but not spammy, images.

Check out some of the top Instagram influencers, think @juliahengel or @inhonorofdesign, for inspiration. Users can spot an ad from a mile away so you want to strike the perfect balance between promoting product clearly without coming off as too sales-y. 

4. Use them as an opportunity to test audiences.

Instagram hit the 500 million user milestone in 2017 and is still a fast-growing platform. That makes it an ideal place to test new audiences, especially ones that skew young and female, to see how your brand resonates. Don’t be afraid to take a couple of weeks to a month just to run ads using various interests and demographic targeting options. 

5. Sponsor strong organic content.

Just like on other social media platforms, successful Instagram ads are backed up by a strong organic strategy. Since Instagram is also following the example of other social media platforms by increasingly requiring paid efforts to generate reach and engagement, use your ad budget to sponsor high-performing organic posts. It will not only boost reach and engagement but help increase followers, clicks to the website and, ultimately, sales. 

Story by: Kelsey Thompson