5 Brainstorming Tips for Blog Post Ideas

Every now and then, we get stumped when it comes to trying to figure out what topics we should write about on the blog. We like to mix it up and keep you all entertained, but some weeks, blog post ideas take a little bit longer to come to us. It’s a tad frustrating, but nothing we can’t conquer (as you know, there is always something going viral in the age of social media). So we’ve put together a 5 tip strategy to help you brainstorm and create a few post ideas of your own if you’re ever feeling ‘blogged’ down ;). 

1. Think of your audience or customers: This is a go-to at Imagine Media. Are there frequent questions asked you could answer in a post? Any tips they’re always asking you to give? How about any client events in the near future? Go through this list first, and if you’ve already covered all of these topics (kudos, by the way!) move on to the next thing.

2. Ask Your Audience- Everyone loves to be heard! Ask your followers what it is they want you to write about. Who knows, after you spend your time listening to them, they may be more motivated to share what you’ve written. A few ideas may come your way that you never would have thought of on your own. Get to asking and you’ll get to writing!

3. Word association- There may be a few terms in your line of business that your customers may not understand. There's a lot of social media jargon floating around that may be a little confusing. Not to mention too much social media slang 'tbh.' 'Idk' if our brains can absorb another acronym or new lingo, so a post on this topic may just be our next one.

4. Google Alerts- We are kind of lucky working in the social media industry as it is always evolving. There’s always a new app to test or a new version release of a popular platform, it can get a little hard to keep up. We like to use google alerts so we don’t miss a beat. Whatever line of work it is that you do, google alerts applies to you! We promise it will come in the handy. I mean what can Google not do?

5. Industry Networking Events - It’s always nice to take a little break from the office, even if your office is the coolest in Atlanta (cough,cough Industrious). Sign up for an Industry related event. You can never stop learning and hearing from other professionals is always inspiring. Give your readers a little recap of what it is you learned and an overview of what was discussed. Side note: Creative Mornings and Network Under 40 may be two of our absolute favorites. We suggest you check them out!