4 Ways to Incorporate Social Strategy in your Store Location


Social media strategy is highly focused on driving traffic to websites or into physical store locations, but this isn’t a one-way street. Retailers with a brick and mortar store location can up their social media engagement with just a few simple tricks that they can incorporate into their stores to extend their reach and boost their success online.

  1. “Follow Us” Cards or Displays- A display or business cards with your social media handles at the checkout counter is a great option for your customers to become aware of your social channels if they weren’t already. You can even slip a card into their shopping bag with their receipt so they’ll see it again once they’re going through their new purchases.

  2. QR Codes- Selling individual accessories or home decor pieces? Try placing a QR code linked to a recent post next to a featured product. This way, customers in store can see holistically how a particular accessory can be incorporated into an outfit or a home accent can tie an entire room together. This option is also great for food products. Attach a QR code to an item that goes into a great recipe from your website.

  3. Like/Follow for Discount- Another great incentive to get customer engagement on social is to offer discounts for follows and likes at checkout. Whether it’s 10% off their purchase that day or the next time they come in, it’s a great way for you to increase your reach and for them to save a buck or two.

  4. Hashtag decals- Ready. Set. Mirror Selfie. If you sell apparel, chances are people are snapping pics in the fitting rooms to their friends asking for opinions. Adding hashtag decals into your fitting rooms can act as another method for boosting your brand awareness.

These four little details are great to effectively blend your in-person and online presence, gain new followers, and keep your most loyal customers coming back!

Story by: Clara Sims