4 Great Patios for Remote Work in Atlanta

Gusto_March_2019-8 (1).jpg

Need to shake up your work-from-home routine and find new spaces that inspire creativity? We’ve got you. We love finding new places where we can step away from the office for a while but still be productive and stay on top of things. Although we love our local coffee shops in Atlanta, we decided to share a few other places to work remotely this summer.

Since patio weather is in full swing, we rounded up a few amazing spots in the city where you can get your work done while simultaneously enjoying the weather!

Here are our favorite patios to enjoy a meal or coffee in the sun while still crushing our to-do list:

1. gusto!

Our partner gusto!, a healthy fast-casual spot that draws major inspiration from Dale Carnegie, has brought a lot of “gusto” to our community. It now has 4 open locations in the Atlanta area. If you’re working remotely and don’t want to leave your pup at home, head to the Ponce location. It just opened a dog-friendly turf area with WiFi, so grab your furry friend, pick yourself up a bowl, and get to work!

2. Full Commission

The Imagineers love their local coffee spots, but we also love to grab a bite to eat while we stay productive. Full Commission is a Southern gastropub and coffee bar located at Larkin on Memorial Drive that serves some of the best food in Atlanta. Whether you’re grabbing an English muffin and having your morning coffee or staying through lunch to work, Full Commission is definitely one to check out! With outdoor outlets, places to stand and work and WiFi, it’s a great spot to get in the zone.

3. Brash Coffee

Brash Coffee is a one-of-a-kind spot that ATLiens have been blessed with. Its unique community gathering area has made a great place to settle down for work. While its Westside location is popular for its welcoming indoor aesthetic, you can hit up their Buckhead location in the Atlanta History Museum for a quiet patio spot that overlooks part of the museum. Plus, we love the beautiful plants that line the outdoor tables. Brash Coffee is a must!

4. Dancing Goats

Though Dancing Goats has a couple Atlanta locations, we love the outdoor section of the shop by Ponce City Market. Its screened-in patio features a standing table, plenty of chairs, swings and even a relaxing water feature, making it the perfect spot to beat the midday slump. So sip on some iced tea and enjoy the warm weather without breaking a sweat.

Which patio spots are your favorite to work remotely from? Share them in the comments!

Story By: Alondra Santillan