3 Ways to Utilize Instagram Stories' New Poll Feature

Instagram Stories Polls Business

Last week, Instagram released a new polling feature for their Stories. Similar to adding a location sticker, you can now add a two-answer poll to any of your Instagram Stories, which friends can answer with a tap. You’ll be able to write in your own question and 2-choice polling options. (Instagram defaults the polling options to “Yes” or “No,” but these can be easily edited to your liking.)

When someone answers your poll, they’ll see the results (percentages) immediately, though the details of who voted which way remain anonymous. That being said, the person who posted the poll is able to see exactly who voted which way by looking at their Stories view count page.

Instagram Stories Polls Business
Instagram Stories Polls Business
Instagram Stories Polls Business

Image Sources: Tech Crunch

So what does this mean for business owners?

1. Instagram Polls offer your audience a straightforward and simple way to engage with your product and brand. | While it’s always a great idea to include a CTA (call to action) in your Instagram posts & Stories, it often requires your audience to do the extra work of typing out a message, and they may feel as though they can’t reply unless they have something thoughtful to say. Instagram Stories polls offer a great, easy way for your audience to engage and feel as though they are connecting with your business, in a simple, straightforward way.

2. Instagram Polls remind your customers that you value them. | When you ask a direct question to your audience, you’reletting them know that you value their thoughts and opinions. For example, if your t-shirt company releases a new design every month, consider letting your audience vote on which design should be released next via an Instagram Stories poll. You audience will value the opportunity to weigh in on company decisions, and feel as though you truly want to cater your brand and products to them.

3. You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen personal relationships. | As mentioned above, as the person posting the poll, you’ll be able to see exactly who answers and which way they vote. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to customers on a personal level, touch base about their answers, and let them know they’re heard. For example, @mybrownbox recently added a series of polls to their Instagram Stories asking their audience what type of content they’d like to see (i.e., “Would you be interested in seeing more beauty content? Y/N.”) When I voted “No” to seeing more content on motherhood, the brand owners could have taken the chance to reach out, see what content I was interested in, and say that they were taking notes on the feedback. That type of response makes an audience member feel special and as though they are personally valued by your brand. Even more so, once you see who votes on your polls, you can follow them, like their photos, etc., as a way to keep the relationship present and strong.

Have you utilized Instagram Stories polls yet? If so, how have you used them?

Story by: Isabelle Edwards