3 Ways to Improve Your Community Management


+Be a Skilled Communicator

Excelling in community management starts with a skilled communicator. A communicator should be able to determine when and how to use humor and address an unhappy customer all while maintaining the brand's voice throughout. Good grammar skills and diction also plays a role especially for larger, more professional brands to maintain their voice. Communication skills is key for anyone who will be in charge of this role in a company. 

+Track Social Metrics

Using services such as Facebook Pixel can help your brand determine conversions and user clicks on content. If using paid media, these services can also provide cost per clicks as well as conversion rates for your paid social media posts. Utilizing metrics can provide many insights on how your brand can further improve such as; What content continuously excels? Do posts with higher engagement differ from others? How can we leverage this information to build stronger content in the future? 

+Always Continue to Grow & Plan

When it comes to community management there is never a point where you can become complacent. As a community manager, it is important to always plan on continuous and consistent growth. Content that resonated well one month is not the answer to a more laid back strategy. A key to remaining community influencers if to stay up-to-date, persistent, and determined to think of the most innovative strategy each and every month. 


Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt