3 Ways to Create a Visually Captivating Instagram Feed

You’ve heard your whole life that it’s what’s on the inside that counts (your worth doesn’t come from your looks, but you’re looking good btw)! While we totally agree with this philosophy, when it comes to Instagram, it’s a whole different dialogue.

When someone sees your ad on Instagram, you have 5-6 seconds to make a good impression and keep their attention. But when someone clicks on your Instagram profile for the first time, you have less than 3 measly seconds to draw them in to engage with your feed. It’s no secret that people's attention spans are decreasing year over year, and that doesn’t exclude grazing over social media content. Prioritizing a beautifully curated feed may seem vain at first, but it also can mean the difference between gaining and losing a follower, a customer or a brand advocate.

You may be slightly overwhelmed by these statistics, but have no fear! We’re here to help by offering 3 tips for making your feed strategically aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Know your brand and stick to it!

    Though this seems like common sense, brands so often forget who they are! Knowing your brand means sticking to brand colors, using consistent filters and making sure every image matches the style of the images preceding it. It’s hard to not want to mix things up aesthetically, but consistency is key for a branded and beautiful feed!

  2. Planning is your friend — your best friend.

    It can be so hard to conceptualize your feed in your mind! At Imagine Media, we stick to creating “Top 9” layouts so we can see exactly what our feed will look like before we actually post content. This just means arranging your photos together like they would be on Instagram to see how they flow together. With this birds-eye view, you can decide which photos to add, rearrange or delete as needed easily before publishing them.

  3. Post to create a story, not just a feed!

Every post on Instagram should be a snippet of a larger story you are trying to convey. If it’s a part of your overall story, posts should easily flow together visually. With this mindset, you can create something not only beautiful, but authentic!

Creating an aesthetically pleasing feed takes time, effort and strategy, and telling a story with an Instagram feed is not for the faint at heart. It takes an artistic eye, a spot-on awareness of the brand you’re promoting and knowledge of visual rules such as color and lighting. If this task seems daunting and outside of your skill-set, Imagine Media can easily take this off your plate! Contact us today for more social tips or partnership opportunities!

Written by: Lauren Jordan