3 Tips to Navigate Facebook's Recent Algorithm Update


In an effort to be more transparent about their internal processes, Facebook announced an update to help explain how two recent changes to its algorithm will affect both individual users and pages. Both are designed to show users more of what they want, and less of what they don’t.

Facebook collected data for the updates through user surveys, as well as through monitoring user behavior. The two updates focus on people’s interactions with their friends on the platform, as well as how they interact with posts from pages to better show them the posts that are most important to them.

While the update includes posts from friends’ profiles, the most important update for business pages focuses on how page content will be delivered. Here are a few key takeaways from the updates and how you can navigate the changes to set your page up for success.

How These Updates Affect Your Facebook Page

Facebook is now measuring which posts from Facebook pages are most important to people through its new algorithm. With the goal of delivering only significant posts to people, Facebook will monitor post engagement levels, type of post and what page the post is from in order to deliver more curated content to people.

Facebook will show posts that are more important to a specific user higher up in their News Feed, showing less relevant content to them as they continue to scroll.

This algorithm update will also limit poor-quality posts or posts that are click-bait style. This could look like empty blog posts or unrelated titles.

With this new algorithm, it’s more important now than ever to post meaningful content that connects to your audiences. The new algorithm updates will show fewer and fewer posts that aren’t engaging or worthwhile. This way, users aren’t bombarded with spam or junk posts and instead are shown relevant content they show an interest in.

These updates serve as a great reminder to businesses to listen to their audience’s needs and interests. Here are some ways you can make sure you’re posting relevant information on your Facebook page.

Tips for Better Posting

  1. Before making a new post, marketers should always ask, “Is this post important and meaningful to the people visiting on my page?” Creating posts that people care about helps not only keep current page fans engaged but also attracts new users to your page.

  2. Take time to review your audience on your Facebook page. You should align your content with the interests of these users, so a strong knowledge of who your visitors are can help inspire posts and content.

  3. Read and review comments on your posts. This is a great way to understand the attitudes and voices of your audience so you can speak back to them appropriately. Understanding the tone of your followers can help you understand what they will want to interact with.

Use these updates as an opportunity to better understand your community on Facebook and to serve them better with valuable content. Leave a comment to let us know what other social media topics you would like to learn more about!

Story By: Keagan Ross