3 Tips for Coming up with Your Next Blog Post Idea

Our previous fashion related post was all about how to start a fashion blog (if you missed it, you can check it out here ).  Once you’ve surpassed that hurdle, the next challenge is maintaining your blog and constantly refreshing it with new and unique information.  It’s not always easy coming up with new ideas, so here are 3 tips to consider when coming up wth your next blog post.

First and foremost, provide value throughout each and every post.  Teach your readers something they don’t already know.  If your followers feel like they’ve learned something new or gained valuable information from your blog, they are more likely to revisit.  ‘How To’ posts are one of the easiest ways to do so.  If you’re struggling with finding the words to follow ‘How To,” realize that the idea already exists within your everyday style, you just need to pinpoint it.  Instead of trying to scrounge up a “different” idea, think of something unique to you that you’ve mastered.  For instance, if you throw on a scarf every time you leave the house, your post idea could be “How to tie your scarf 5 different ways”.  Or, think about if your friends or family always ask you the same question or compliment your style in the same way.  Once you’re able to recognize a commonality, your idea will come to the surface.

Second, mix it up. At this point, we know you’re a fashion guru (self-proclaimed or not) so while the majority of your posts may be about shoes or clothes, don’t forget to talk about everything else that makes your style stand out.  Think makeup, lipstick, accessories, and products.  This can be as simple as your go-to lip color or as in-depth as a full on makeup tutorial/your daily routine complete with a brushes review.  You’ve created a space to share your voice, now get creative with sharing your voice!  Think outside of the box on how to differentiate your blog from the millions of others out there.

Third, stay in the know with all new trends and provide insight as to how fashion has changed.  If your readers are able to introduce their friends to the it piece of the season because of your blog post - they’ll feel pretty cool, all thanks to you!  Even if your style is classic and timeless, it’s still important to reference the trends and prove to your readers that you are knowledgable on this season’s trends.  A great way to implement this throughout the year is to capitalize on seasonal happenings.  For example, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so think about what your readers might want to know before Feb. 14th and give them your two cents.  Maybe they’re still looking for a last minute gift for their man, or need the perfect date night look.  Mention the must-have items to stay relevant and be creative when incorporating seasonal happenings throughout your blog.

Lastly, always stay true to yourself and provide honest and genuine information in your posts.  You get what you give, so give it your all!