3 Things We Learned from Apple's Instagram Strategy

If you haven’t already heard, Apple recently joined Instagram… a little late to the game, right? Yes, they had other accounts for iTunes and iBooks, but the official apple brand is live on the ‘gram and we’re excited to share three things we’ve uncovered about their strategy.

Most importantly, if your brand isn’t already on Instagram (or other platforms, for that matter) discover when the timing is right to jump on the bandwagon.  For apple, joining Instagram later than most was a savvy move.  Learn why here.

Additionally, the one singular purpose of apple’s account is to engage with customers.  They have intentionally avoided any posts that are sponsored posts or marketed by other companies.  This strategy is accessible and relatable to the average joe, making it enticing for individuals to participate in their #ShotoniPhone strategy which prompts followers to submit photos with their hashtag for a chance to be featured.

Lastly, they incorporate different elements (think galleries, sound, etc.) to share their story with followers. Sweeney explains that “the best way to entice users into participating would never be to settle on using a single picture - it’s about weaving together an experience, a high-quality one that utilizes the gallery setting to add in music and aesthetically pleasing imagery with rhyme and reason to tell a story to users around the world.” Apple exemplifies this with perfection.

We’re looking forward to seeing how their strategy develops and will be following along closely as it unfolds over time! Learn more about their recent Instagram adventures here.