3 Features To Always Include in Instagram Stories


Earlier this summer, Instagram Stories hit 200M daily active users and we wrote a few theories on why we think the platform became so popular so quickly. As time goes on, it seems like Instagram Stories are definitely here to stay, as new features (face filters, stickers, hashtag stickers, etc.) are frequently added, giving users more reason to engage with the platform. Below, we've listed 3 features you should always include in your Instagram Stories in order to increase your discoverability and reach a much larger audience of potential customers.

1. Location Stickers | A location sticker allows you to tag the location of your story. For example, if you're having lunch at Ponce City Market, you can include PCM's location tag. Other Instagram users have the ability to see location-based Stories on the Explore page, and even more importantly, can search for Stories by location. Even better, often times when using a location sticker, you'll be automatically added to that location's Instagram Story! This gets a lot more eyes on your Story content and allows you to reach more potential customers. 

2. Hashtag Stickers | Similar to location stickers, you can now add hashtag stickers to your Instagram Stories. Those viewing your Story will be able to tap the sticker used and visit the coordinating hashtag page, as well as explore other photos & Stories that have been shared with the same hashtag. In the future, we think you'll be able to view and search Stories by hashtag.

3. Tag Other Accounts | If another person or business is featured in your story, tag them! And insist that they tag you in theirs as well. This is especially important for when you're participating in a co-branded contest or giveaway - when you tag other accounts in your Stories, you drive even more traffic to your contests, and can increase your engagement and readership.

By implementing these 3 features, you'll greatly increase your discoverability, as you can market yourself to those who might not have seen your Story otherwise.

Have you used any of these tactics before? Let us know in the comments below!

Story By: Isabelle Edwards