The iMessage Glitch Temporary Fix

If you haven't already heard, last week the news broke that iPhones were at risk of crashing due to the reception of a single text message. Reddit users discovered that sending a specific combination of symbols and Arabic characters to a person's iPhone would cause the phone to crash, quickly reboot, and then disable the iMessaging feature on the recipient's phone. The bug is not simply limited to messaging, reports suggest that the coded message can also affect third-party messengers such as Snapchat. The glitch was caused by the way in which the iOS system deals with "unicode characters" according to Apple, who acknowledged the bug on Wednesday. Apple released a statement saying that they are working to create a software update which would serve as a permanent fix. While awaiting that solution, Apple advised users to adjust their notification settings. The easiest way to avoid having to encounter the malfunction personally is to turn off all message notifications until Apple releases a fix. Until then, Apple has come out with a "workaround" plan:

1- Ask Siri to "read messages."

2- Use Siri to reply to the coded message. Once the message has been replied to, you can safely open the text.

3-Once you are able to access the thread, either delete it entirely or press hold on the coded message and delete that single message.

This temporary workaround is helpful for the immediate future, however, it will not help in instances where the message has been delivered via third-party messenger.

Blog By: Leah Griffin

Sources: Techcrunch, MacRumors, and Mashable