Live Streaming: The Competition Rages On

Twitter has been working overtime to make sure that their live streaming app, Periscope beats out it’s competitor, Meerkat, who gained a lot of attention upon its origination. Twitter has made efforts to “cut off Meerkat’s access to Twitter’s social graph.” New data suggests that, actions like this, and reaching out to certain celebrities and asking them not to use Meerkat in favor of their own program. Recent data shows that Periscope is leading with nearly half a percentage point in activity on iOS. Both services offer their own perks. For example, while both offer applications that will allow users to stream live from their phones to Twitter, they have both developed ways to increase their user audience. Periscope updated their interface to allow for users to find broadcasts from friends at ease. Meerkat came back at them with discovery features, and now an Android app.

While Periscope maintains a competitive edge due to it’s connection with Twitter and the popularity that the platform holds. With greater resources and relationships with influential people like celebrities, the future looks bright for Periscope.

Blog By: Leah Griffin

Source: Tech Crunch