2016 Leadercast Recap

The Imagine Media team is always looking for ways to exceed expectations and better deliver services to our wonderful clients. We like taking the time to learn from powerful leaders and listen to what they have to say about leadership, vision and innovation. On May 6th, part of the team attended the 2016 Leadercast conference in Atlanta. Leadership experts, creative geniuses and Ben Rector...what more could we ask for in one day!?

We heard from 9 different speakers and were inspired by their stories of success. To break it down, we have highlighted some of our key takeaways from Leadercast. Including some incredible musical inspiration by Ben Rector and an incredibly talented 15 year-old named Aidan.

Andy Stanley taught us…

  • State your vision simply. Memorable is portable.
  • Present your vision as the solution to a problem.

  • Vision is your prefered future.

Kate Cole taught us…

  • The power of priorities, find a solution to a problem that is small enough to change but big enough to matter.

  • Success can be blinding. Never slow up in a time of major success.

At our first break we took a fun photo with Craft Box Girls and heard some musical inspiration from @AidanCares. Check him out on Twitter, he is a 15 year-old with a powerful vision!

Nick Saban taught us…

  • Be where your feet are!

  • Power of vision over circumstance. Your vision is your motivation, your circumstance is what will bring you down if you let it have power over your emotions.

Chris Barez-Brown taught us…

  • Get off autopilot!

  • Try new things to be more aware of our surroundings. For example, try a new route to work every day! Makes you more conscience and creative.

  • Never underestimate the power of passion and point of view.

Music Break! Drum roll please…. Ben Rector sang one of his hits, “The Men Who Drive Me Places.” (Cue fangirl moment)

Dr. Henry Cloud taught us…

  • The Power of the Other: once you’ve reached your ‘personal limit’ look to your teammates for motivation, it’s more powerful than you could ever imagine.
  • Your teammates must be fueled, prepared and inspired to be successful.

Steve Wozniak taught us…

  • Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

  • Even the smallest ideas can transform into something life changing, don’t give up.

  • Stay true to yourself and your vision.

Leadercast 2016 was amazing and we can’t wait to come back next year to relive it all over again. Not sure how they can beat the amazing line up from 2016, but we are looking forward to being amazed!

**Special mention to the entire large pepperoni pizza that the two of us ate on our lunch break. Eye spy two Imagineers walking around Leadercast carrying a pizza box…


Written by: Carolyn Whalen