12 Key Takeaways from Digital Summit 2017

If you weren’t able to make it to Digital Summit 2017, have no fear! I narrowed down my notes to 12 key lessons to remember. It was exciting to see the variety of topics on the line up, but I was even more thrilled to see how Social Media was incorporated into most all themes discussed. Click here to see the full lineup of speakers and pre-register for next year!

  1. The goal in marketing is not to reach everyone, goal is to reach your minimal viable option. Reach the smallest group so that you have the ability to say ‘this product is not for you, it’s for someone else.’ The idea is to create a culture in order to do so.
  2. Try a lookalike audience on Linkedin, upload email contact list to target audiences similar to emails on your list. Social Media is becoming a ‘pay to play world,’ making paid advertising more and more important.

  3. Try sponsoring a trending hashtag on Twitter. May or may not have a direct correlation with what you’re selling, but if you make it relatable you’ll find a loophole to tie it back to your brand.

  4. As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, the story you’re telling must be transferrable without sound and on a mobile device.

  5. Snapchat is not only for 18 year olds. Sponsored lens on Snapchat can reach more audiences than any super bowl commercial. Get started with one killer story on Snapchat and share across all platforms.

  6. With video content, use the 8 second rule. After 8 seconds are you captivated and do you have enough information to make a purchase decision (or any decision for that matter). What’s the secret? Think to yourself, would you share this video with your Facebook friends?

  7. Instagram stories/Snapchat stories contest idea - ‘Take a screenshot of our last post and draw on top of the photo for your chance to win.’ Asks user to get involved, utilizing features of the app that people enjoy playing around with. Humor is always a plus! One study (Birchbox) found that the Snapchat extra step for someone to search for a specific URL was more successful than the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram stories.

  8. More than 100 million minutes of video is consumed per day and 58 % search happens on mobile. Search engines are intent machines; identify what your major driver of intent is and start telling your story there.

  9. How to showcase a product through a third party seller: equip your sales team with an interesting and unique story. Playing it safe is dangerous.

  10. Business goals are not always social media goals. Be specific in your goal setting and make sure it is complementary to overall business goals.

  11. Humor isn’t for every brand. If it’s for you, here are 3 pointers: 1) Find where you draw the line. 2) Before writing, live your audience’s life and then report back. Funniest situations happen in everyday life. 3) Use opposition problem solving, bring to life a common opposition to your product.

  12. Who you think your audience is might not actually be the person you’re expecting. Cultural changes will affect the way audiences consume products.

Story by Carolyn Whalen