10 Things I’ve Learned About Social Media

Hey dedicated blog readers - Margot here! I recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary at Imagine Media, which brought me to the realization that I have learned so much throughout this experience about business, life, people, and marketing. More specifically, as much as Social Media has changed, there are so many consistent lessons to be learned over and over again when you work in this field. I’m breaking down the top 10 things I’ve learned about Social Media in this post. Sit back and enjoy!

1. Aesthetics are Everything: A year and a half ago, we didn’t have a photographer on staff. We were “girls with iPhones” posting on Social Media. Forming a Photography Department with an extremely talented, positive, and enthusiastic photographer (Freddy, we love you!) was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our Creative Team is working day and night to make the brands we represent stand out in a professional way, whether you know it or not.

2. Partnerships Can Go a Long, Long Way: I never would have anticipated Influencer Marketing to be as impactful as we’ve seen it be, and really the mentality is very simple. You buy from who you trust. If I’m a brand shoving my product in your face vs being an influencer who all of my followers trust, the customer will buy from the latter every.single.time. Help us help you partner with influencers! (sensing the shameless plug additions yet?)

3. People Want to Hear About People: From a content standpoint, if there’s one major theme we’ve seen, it’s that Team Spotlights and Shout Outs perform better than any other content, every single time. Bottom line? Your audience is nosy, and they’re craving the feeling of belonging with your brand. Give them what they want, it’s easy!

4. People Want to Hear FROM People: A faceless brand on Social Media does absolutely nothing these days, and our rule of thumb for creating content is to remember our humanity, and to speak to our audience in an open, honest, thought provoking and entertaining way. This will increase loyal followers, views and sharability of your posts.

5. Social Media is Nothing Without Strategy: Too often brands are handing Social Media to Interns because they’re young. Newsflash: Social Media isn’t just posting. It’s heavily researching what your audience wants to see, carefully curating/creating that content, posting at optimal times, advertising, then following up with excellent customer service. You need an expert, and you needed one yesterday.

6. The Instant Gratification Problem is Real: Speaking of excellent customer service, studies show that a whopping 90% of people expect a response within a few hours of inquiring on a brand’s Social Media page. You miss a question/comment, you could lose a customer. Paying attention and thoughtful responses are key.

7. When it Comes to Marketing, Social Media is King: If there’s one audience we hear about wanting to reach over and over again it’s millennials. Lucky for our clients, Imagine Media encompasses the “Millennial Mentality” through and through. We don’t watch TV, we get our news on Facebook, and we’ve tried out all of the Snapchat Filters more than we’ve paid attention to print advertising or looked at Billboards. Get on board!

8. It’s All About Relationships: It’s as simple as a ‘follow’ and as complex as a co-branded partnership. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, joining the community conversation can and will set your brand apart every time. Interact with your audience, but also interact with the community around you, and even your competitors.

9. Mixed Media is Imperative: It’s all about VIDEO! Creative Gifs, Cinema graphs, Behind the Scene footage is the Marketing of the future and it isn’t going anywhere. Check out our Instagram account if you’re not sure what I’m talking about - have I mentioned how amazing our creative team is?

10. Tell Your Story and They Will Come: Storytelling is the glue that will enable your customers to want to stick with you. Every brand has a unique story, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that your audience wants to hear it, to relate to it, and are more willing to make a purchasing decision if they feel loyal to you. Share it, and share it with pride!

Story by Margot Dukes