10 Value-Adds of Working with a Social Media Marketing Agency


We don’t have to tell you twice. Social media marketing is absolutely imperative for your business. In fact, 86% of U.S. adults use social media. Regardless of who you’re targeting and why, if your business isn’t being accurately represented on social media, then you’re behind.

On the topic of outsourcing, it’s important to remember that value can come in many forms. That when you’re outsourcing you aren’t gaining one teammate to manage social media, but you are gaining an entire team of experts to learning your brand, connect with your audience and effectively produce real results.

A few questions to ask yourself if you’re considering outsourcing your social media marketing:

  • Do I understand social media? What was the last update that I’ve heard and how am I applying it to my business?

  • How long would it take to train a new hire on social media? Do I have that time to devote?

  • Am I being as ‘social’ online as I should be to keep up with the shifts and changes?

  • Do I have quality content? Do I really know what quality content is in this ever-changing social landscape?

  • If I choose an in-house Social Media Manager, will they come with the skill set I need to stand out?

If you answered ‘no’ to the majority of these questions, here’s the reality of the situation: You would really benefit from working with an outsourced agency. Luckily, we know one of those and are excited to share these value-adds with you:

1. Don’t gain a person, gain a team: Partnering with Imagine Media means that you are gaining so much more than a Social Media Manager. Instead, you are gaining immediate access to a Strategist, a Graphic Designer, a Photographer, a Videographer, a Paid Specialist and so much more.


2. Always Current: If you haven’t heard, the Social Media landscape changes by the day! That can seem pretty overwhelming to someone who hasn’t navigated all the shifts and changes that come along with social media management. Our team is always in the know; we pride ourselves on not only being aware of the social landscape, but being nimble enough to change our strategies based on them. Which brings us to →


3. Experience: Imagine Media has been in the business of social media for 6 years. Yes, 6 years! When we first started there was no such thing as an algorithm (wouldn’t that be nice!) and we’ve navigated change since then. We started when organic was everything, and have an in-depth knowledge of all things social media.


4. Time Saver: This is a big one! And we’ll tell it to you straight: Partnering with Imagine Media takes time up front. Why? Because we’re dedicated to not only learning but knowing your brand so that we can speak on your behalf. But from there, it’s smooth sailing. And we know you need a vacation.


5. Community: When you outsource with Imagine Media, you join a community of business owners and managers just like you. You’re added to our own Imagine Media marketing strategy, which means your brand will be promoted to our other partners, friends, and community members. We pride ourselves on making meaningful connections and can help get you to where you want to be through our tight-knit community.


6. Cost: To reiterate #1, outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to gain more value for less cost. And, when you decide to spend, you can rest easy that your budget is being put to good use.


7. Software & Reporting: Along with navigating social media, we’ve navigated all of the options that come along with managing social pages. We’ve tried all the scheduling platforms, we know what to look for in software, and along with your partnership, you have access to the most cutting edge software in the industry. 


8. Authenticity: The only way to build relationships with your audience is to put our best, most authentic foot forward on your behalf. We are authentic and real people who get to know the ins and outs of your brand so that we can best socially share on your behalf.


9. Consistency: To add to the questions above, are you consistently posting on social and consistently measuring results? This discipline goes so far beyond ‘posting to post’ and our team follows a strict process so that you always know what we’re doing, and most importantly, why.


10. Creativity: Take a look at our feed and tell us our Creative Team is not the most impressive group of innovators you’ve ever seen, we dare you! From animations to flat lays to everything in between, if it’s not creative it doesn’t make the cut and our team will tell you so!


Interested in hearing more? Connect with us today! We’d love to make your social media dreams a reality.