Meet Our New Partner - Fana Jewelry

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Fana has one mission - design and finely craft beautiful jewelry to help people celebrate happiness and love. Each piece is made in-house with special attention to detail. Brothers, Vik & Bobby, come from a family with over four generations of fine craftsmanship. With decades of experience and great attention to detail, a piece from Fana is wrapped in hidden details to discover throughout the years. Jewelry is a part of their DNA and they pride themselves on one of a kind pieces that remain authentic to the Fana family tradition. 

Check out Fana and their beautiful creations on Instagram and Facebook for pieces cherish for a lifetime!


Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt

Meet Our New Partner The Ben Franklin Academy

Meet Our New Partner The Ben Franklin Academy

The Ben Franklin Academy prides themselves on their progressiveness and individuality. By offering a unique college preparatory curriculum that tailors to each student’s individual learning style, needs, and special interests, they are able to break the mold of traditional schooling and offer their students a new way to learn.